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Executed SQL

EXPLAIN SELECT AS news_id, news.title AS news_title, news.meta_title AS news_meta_title, news.description AS news_description, news.keywords AS news_keywords, news.page_url AS news_page_url, news.thumbnail_image AS news_thumbnail_image, news.document_id AS news_document_id, news."order" AS news_order, news.is_published AS news_is_published, news.is_active AS news_is_active, news.is_featured AS news_is_featured, news.created_by AS news_created_by, news.created AS news_created, news.last_updated AS news_last_updated, news.published_on AS news_published_on 
FROM news 
WHERE news.is_active = true ORDER BY news.created DESC 
 LIMIT %(param_1)s
Time0.2921 ms
Parameters{"param_1": 5}

Execution Plan

Limit (cost=1.06..1.06 rows=2 width=3651)
-> Sort (cost=1.06..1.06 rows=2 width=3651)
Sort Key: created DESC
-> Seq Scan on news (cost=0.00..1.05 rows=2 width=3651)
Filter: is_active