Strengh of cement, looks and workability of wood at a very economical rates


    This is a new innovation which combines the strength of Cement and workability of wood to make an ideal building material for all kinds of building applications, namely, Flooring. Partitions, Ceiling, Internal and external Cladding, Fencing, Gate Construction,Roof, Skirting and so on. The unique combination of physical and mechanical properties makes Jacwud Cement boards superior to other similar products and suitable for variety of building applications

    • Jacwud fibre cement Boards are ECO FRIENDLY Multi purpose fibre cement boards Manufactured using Pine fibre , Portland Cement and high grade sand.
    • Jacwud Boards are highly sought after for its strength, dimensional stability, aesthetics and versatility. These are highly resistant to Moisture, Chemicals and pests.
    • Jacwud Fibre Cement boards can be used for both internal and external applications.
      • False Ceiling
      • Flooring
      • Partitions
      • Internal/External Wall cladding
      • Compound walls
      • Swimming pool decking etc
    • Jacwud has solution for most of the construction related applications :
      • Jacwud flex
      • Used for Ceiling, Partitions, Cladding etc.. is a flat surface board of various thickness to suit the application

      • Jacwud Plank
      • It is an excellent alternative to wood, used mainly for external cladding, Fences, Compound walls, Screens etc..

      • Jacwud Lattice
      • Designer boards with CNC cut designs , suitable for Screens, Decorative panels, Compound walls, Designer screens etc..