(100% Water Proof Boards)

Wood Plastic Composite Boards


Available Sizes:

  • Thickness: 6mm to 18mm
  • Length X Width: 2440 X 1220mm
  • It is a Wood-PVC combination board which can be used in wet areas as a better alternative to marine plywood and similar panels.
  • The technical name of the product is a WPC Crust Foam Board.
  • It is fire retarded, waterproof, heat/cold resistant, anti-ultraviolet, anti corrosion and anti- decay.
  • It is 100% formaldehyde free.
  • Its durability features are - Aging –resistant, no deformation, no shrinking, no cracking, no de-colouring, pest resistant.It does not absorb moisture thus does not deform.
  • This board is a unique board compared to the white coloured PVC boards as WPC boards have the combined advantage of plastic and wood. The white coloured boards are 100% plastic and does not have the ageing properties of wood.
  • The leftover cut pieces can be recycled 15 times and hence environment friendly.
  • It can be processed by means of nailing, boring, plane, chiseling, riveting, sticking etc.. and it can be painted, printed, laminated, embossed etc..
  • The boards are offered in 8’x4’ size and in 18mm and 6mm thickness.
  • The density of Jacwud WPC is 550 kg .